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Cool AirFlow BulletTruck Project (aerodynamic, modified Class 8 transport doubles MPG)

Well after 3 years , I finally have my AirFlow BulletTruck tractor more or less finished. We are getting ready to haul some freight and do some testing.

Here are a few pics of it parked in the driveway at my house last week.

Short spec list:

450hp Cummins ISX Diesel Engine
13 Speed Eaton RoadRanger Manual Transmission
1225 RPM @ 55mph
Michelin Super Single Drive and Trailer Tires, and Anti-Splash Steering Tires
All Truck-Lite LED lights, including Military LED Headlights, 4" driving lights, signal and clearance lights covered with Lexan Aerodynamic Covers.
Evans Waterless Coolant - Boils at 375 degrees F.
All electric Air Conditioning while driving
6000 watt Dynasys APU for A/C, Heat, and electricity while sleeping/resting
Crankshaft mounted Horton WindMaster Revolution Fan
Electric Door Steps automatically deploy and retract with driver's door operation

Still need:
Trailer Gap Sealer behind cab
Trailer boat-tail - currently being fabricated
Aero Steering Hub Caps - currently being fabricated

If I was starting today, and not in Feb. 2009, both the grill inlet and the ground effects would have been dynamically variable.

If I was starting tomorrow, we would do it from scratch and not retrofitting a older Class 8 rig.

Complete Build Pics and other info is available at my web site. I hope posting the URL here is appropriate, as I am not currently selling anything.

AirFlow Truck Company

Bob Sliwa
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