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Engine Oil Change

I remembered reading that California is starting a campaign against 3000 mile oil changes (California launches campaign against 3,000-mile oil changes) and I started wondering about my own oil changes.

I follow hypermiling tip #1 (drive less) pretty well, and drive only about 3,500 miles per year. But I change my oil every 6 months (meaning only after about 1,750 miles). The manual even recommends every 4 months, if you live in Canada, which is my case, but I find that pretty extreme and annoying. I usually use Mobil Synthetic 5W-30 oil and Purolator PureOne filters (the gold ones).

What would you guys say, would I have any problems (e.g. sludge in the engine, etc.) if I started changing it every 11 months and 3000 miles (which is the recommended distance interval) in order to be more eco-friendly and waste less oil (and time...!)?

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