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Originally Posted by A.J. View Post

What would you guys say, would I have any problems (e.g. sludge in the engine, etc.) if I started changing it every 11 months and 3000 miles (which is the recommended distance interval) in order to be more eco-friendly and waste less oil (and time...!)?
It depends on the type of driving you do. If you do all (or even mostly) city driving the recommendation is to change the oil more frequently based upon time rather than distance. The more severe use of city driving involves more cold starts, etc. which reduces the effectiveness of oil.

Decades ago I did my oil changes less frequently and ended up with an engine that had considerable sludge far before the 100,000 mile mark. Now I change the oil and the automatic transmission (partially - drain and fill) every six months, regardless of miles traveled. If you are doing taxi cab type driving (considered severe duty) most manufacturers recommend the oil change be done at every three months.

Frankly I don't care about being eco-friendly at all; I'm more concerned with preventive maintenance and longevity of my engine.
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