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I started with Pencil/paper, but now do it on computers.
Yes, it's expensive firewood, but I was going to Texas anyway for my Dad-In-Law's 80'th birthday and our usual trip car is currently non-running. 2 cords of wood will make up the different cost in gas with value of wood. I was sick Wed. night so was unable to do the lower airdam or fender skirts. So, the only mod done was 2 rear smooth hubcaps (one of which disappered within the first 150 miles), and taped over front bumper tow hooks and vents. As far as weight dist. hitches go, it won't be needed for as small a trailer as I'm pulling with such a large truck. I avg. 11.6 coming down, so I'm not entirely un-happy so far. I'm still hoping to get some skirts/or the air dam installed before I leave here, but I know how time goes when on vacation with relatives.

I'll post back when I return. I've obtained 12.75 running solo in the past on the highway, doing around 65 mph. For a 900 mile trip I can't do only 60-the trip would take far too long. 16 hrs is bad enough for a one-day drive.
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