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A small caution about LED replacement lamps that there are a great deal (almost all) that are dimmer than their incandescent siblings. Compounding this is that most LEDs are directional, that means off axis they are much dimmer. This could be escalated by inclement weather. For things like licence plate lights is not much concern, but brake and signal lamps are a consideration for safety. If the LED replacement you are considering are double what a regular bulb would be you are losing out on all fronts of safety and cost savings.

If your radiator is in good shape and you have a scangauge, you can block up to 2/3 of the lower grill as well especially in the winter. I would use caution in the summer with a lower block. Up to ~86F you can keep the upper on as well, but a scangauge should be used to be certain.

Looks like an eligible car for pizza pan hubcaps as well.
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