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Thanks for all of the kind words.

We have not done any testing at all yet. I coupled it to the trailer last week, but only to check all of the skirt clearances.

We found a problem with the internal rear hood latch system, so more design and fabrication was necessary on that issue. That will hopefully be wrapped up tomorrow.

We never ran this truck before starting this project. So the only historical data we have is the average MPG of the last owner that was stored on the trucks ECU computer. That figure was 5.8 MPG average. That MPG figure is probably pretty close to the national average, at least in 2009 numbers. Unknown was the average GVW, speed, idling time, etc. of the last owner, which was by the way, Eaton Corporation. So this has been a test vehicle all of its life. Although Eaton was testing their own Class 8 drivetrain products, and not MPG efficiency.

When we get everything together, boat-tail, gap sealer, etc., we hope to be consistently in the teens.
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