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I understand the differences with LEDs, how my tail lights are setup, the bulb shines straight back into the colored lens. I ordered these LEDS (around 210 degree output) eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices. The main reasion for these LEDs is because Corollas and Camrys (my family has a lot of them) always have 194 bulbs blown out in different areas of the car, heater controls, trunk light, gauges, etc, so worst case, I will just use them for that. Some of my marker lights are 194s so I plan to do some "ABA" testing to see if they are fair. I can wire up my own LEDs if needed, I have some 165 degree CREE style 3 watt LEDs which I could run really underpowered to give a good brightness but not blinding. For blinkers, I will have to change my turn signal flasher due to the lower load (~20ma per led)

Mid Michigan, north of you (Detroit) 2 hours or so according to google maps.

I'm wanting to do the lower grill block next, but I'm not sure how I want to go about it. I would like to make it flush with the front of the bumper and still have abilities to adjust a flap some time down the road (no pun intended). I'm thinking of using some small chunks of 2 inch high density styrofoam where the zip ties would mount it, and leave the area I plan to have the hole at empty behind it. Only thing that kind of stinks is my chloroplast is white and only 3'x2.5' (10 sheets).

I currently have my radiator blocked as much as I could get cardboard over it with the upper grill block. Since I installed a 192 degree thermostat my temp went from 166F to 200-204F. It likes to stay around 202F and sometimes goes up/down from stopping and going. I have never heard my fan run yet, so I'm not even sure if the motors are good. I think I will be safe to block off 100% of the grill for winter driving (currently mid 20s to 40s, normally down to -5F this time of year). Summer time I'm thinking about 1/3 opening on the bottom would be about perfect and have ~5 inches of it that can be closed off from inside.

For the adjuster, I'm thinking a cable with quite a bit of pull distance (5 inch?) would be my best bet and make it a slider with a spring return.

FYI- If I pull off crazy mileage (50mpg+?) my dad said he would buy a corolla and do all of my mods and a boat tail. Not sure how truthful that is, but an interesting challenge . Last trip home I had 44.7mpg out of the blue, hoping I can figure what happened and continue it .

I'm pretty sure I have seperation at my rear window, so I wonder how much of a benefit I would get with a kammback vs full boat tail.

Here is a side shot of the car (ignore the rusty car lift :O).

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