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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Thanks Darin. And I hope you can post your pictures, Phil -- the more pictures up on the Internet of this car the better. We need all the publicity for good looking über aerodynamic cars we can get!

We are still hoping for specific power consumption per mile at a specific miles per hour. The range numbers have been ~170 miles or ~240 miles, and we now know the pack size, but those range numbers are probably going slow (~30mph?) and we don't know if they include power from the panels during the drive. It would be good to know if they park it for a while in the sun, then drive it, then park again at the end of the day.
The team leader claimed that the PV array was good for around 850-Watts,which would propel the car at 31 mph (50 km/h ).
The car has regenerative braking,but typically does not use it during racing.
They recharge the battery overnight.
The 100-lb Lithium battery has a 7-hour driving capacity @ 31 mph.
Top speed with battery assist is 61 mph,just short of 100 km/h.
The team is not concerned with speed.They're content with 150 km/day.They'll take a year to do the round the world Guinness record.
I've got a dozen or so photos.Al Glidewell was swamped with work Saturday,so no chance to post 'em.I'll try again this coming Saturday.
PS At the last N.American Solar Challenge I attended,the teams charged in the morning sun before departure,then again in the late afternoon after the days race segment.

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