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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Can you explain the operation of the BMS a bit more?
No problem !

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
You can handle charging protection with the voltage sensing, but how do you handle discharge protection?
Actually, the part I developed, thus the BMS slave boards,are just slave which measure voltage and temperature of cells, and send theses measure to a master (I call it mother board but master boars is a good name too).

The job of the master board is to request voltage and temperature of the cell from the slave, and take decision :
More important decision for example is to tell the charger to pass to low current charge mode for balancing, completely stop the charge, tell controller to stop discharging the pack (at a first low voltage threshold for example), and why not cut completely the power by opening the main contactor at a second lower voltage threshold.

From my side I have not finished the development of the master board, because I want to take time to really think it to be perfect for EV usage.

But because these slaves modules can be used as is with any device which have a RS232 port, with a very simple electronic interface, I think it can be useful for any DIY guy which want to closely monitor its lithium pack, why not do datalogging and so on.
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