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You are right, but the job of the slave board I presented here is just to measure temperature and voltage of each element, and inform the mother/master board. The current measurement (which is mandatory to have a good management system) is the job of the mother/master board, which can do SoC and display it on a screen if necessary. The master board + slave board permits very modular system, because for example if you want to increase you battery pack voltage, you juste have to add slave board on the pack to monitor the new cells you added. You goal is here, modular system with illimited number or cell, and maybe different mother board depending on the user needs (complete SoC system with display, just datalogging of voltage/temperature of each cell, etc...)

But from my side the master board is not ready for now, but my idea was to propose the slave board alone for now, because with the open protocol I give they can be used by DIY guys with they own developments, to do a complete BMS system (the complicated part is to measure voltage and temperature of the cells, not pilot relays/contactor to start/stop charge or decharge, or measure current, etc...), or for example juste do precise monitoring and datalogging of the cell voltage during charge and decharge, and so on.
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