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For the master board, I continue to think about it, to be sure it will be usable by all DIY EV converter. In fact, for now I hesitate into 2 different concepts :

- The mother board is a BMS and nothing else, with ability to set on/off the charge, alert user, measure pack current, print info on pack SoC, manage the main power contactor (and the precharge) on ignition key request, do datalogging on SD card, and with communication port to get logs and configure the system on true rs232, rs232 over usb and rs232 over bluetooh.

- The mother board is a true complete "calculator" to manage all the EV : measure vehicle speed, propose some digital/analogic input to connect temperature sensors, current sensors, security switch and so on, manage main contactor/precharge, interface the BMS slaves directly to have direct access to voltage/temperature of all cells, having communication port for data-logging (CAN, rs232, usb etc...), and having a beautiful large color TFT screen to replace the original dashboard of the vehicle, with speed information, energy information, SoC, etc... In other words, a complete open platform specifically designed for EV, as a cycle analyst do for bike/scooter !
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