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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I saw the same article yesterday. If you look at their site these batteries only seem to be tested to 500 cycles, and the AH capacity pretty drastically drops off during that time (a good 20%+ loss). I realize the weight benefit, but they will drastically need to improve cycle life in order to make this main stream.

These cells will be used in a pack that provides 300-400 miles each charge.
500 cycles will yield 150,000 to 200,000 miles at 100% discharge. And at 70% discharge it is 105,000 to 140,000 miles.

How long will it take you to drive that many miles?

I see no need for any cycle life improvement especially with the low predicted cost to get your vehicle up and running with no or little 'range anxiety'. And by the time you drive over 100,000 miles there will be a better, less costly replacement available to you.
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