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Originally Posted by nlc View Post
<snip>At the beginning, for the bluetooth my idea was to download the datalog from the BMS directly with a smartphone, instead plug/unplud SD card, because the mother board is generaly under the hood, not easy to often plug/unplug the SD :/

And also, the smartphone can become the display of the dashboard, no need for the display option for those which have a smartphone.
I like the idea of using a smartphone as your display for your BMS. All you would have to do is develop the app that would act as the interface and have it read the BT input then calculate and display the information. I've played with a little code for the PIC uC, and i've got a few programs I've developed that has a LCD that would display the information from the ADC and from other inputs. Only one of my programs has given me any trouble and that's the calculation of temperature from a temp sensor using the ADC. I've got some of my ideas on a forum called Electro-Tech Online. sorry if I hijacked your thread.
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