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Ok, thanks Mort. So , to recap, the 'correct' way to accelerate a turbo deisel, is the total opposite to that of a petrol engine with a vacuum gauge fitted. ie, short hard burst up to 1800rpm, as opposed to gentle , low vacuum throttle opening. I've been trying it for a couple of days now , but it does feel totally 'against the grain' to 'mash the peddle'. still been doing a fair bit of coasting, but the permanant 4x4 system on the land rover, takes a lot out energy out of the free ride. Getting a more used to it tho' and i'm using the kill switch I fitted at the weekend, a lights junctions etc..
As an aside, note to mods from a newby, as deisel and petrol are so very different, how about a seperate section as a 'one stop shop' for the dino boys,as some of the methods cant apply to deisels. You see i'm having difficulty in understanding exactly how a turbo deisel works. I've searched the forum and gone back 5 pages already. I keep thinking that when I plant my foot hard on the peddle,i'm pumping in loads of extra fuel thats going to flood the engine, but i begining to realise thats not true. i've always been quite easy on the peddle. If my mpg plummets this time, then its wrong for my truck, and I'll return to my old way. if its the same, I'll still return to the old way as I feel I'm being easier on my truck. if you know what I mean.
Cant wait for my first fill up, hope i'm not in 'negative equity'
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