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It's been nearly a year since my last update so has given me plenty of evaluation time for the minimal mods that I have made.

While driving a steady 40-50MPH I can easily achieve 3.6LHK (65+ MPG US / 78+ MPG Imp), and driving at 70MPH will return about 4LHK (58+ MPG US / 70+ MPG Imp).

This has been achieved in 3 ways:
1 Regular maintenance servicing using quality oils (the car is trouble-free and rolls forever!)
2 Inflating tyres to 45PSI (low rolling resistance)
3 Lowering by 4-5cm to encourage more flow over or around the more aerodynamic surfaces

The only way I can dramatically improve these figures is to have some sort of electric assistance for pulling away from lights or junctions – this is my only major use of fuel now. Other than that, I can reduce fuel costs by converting to an alternative diesel. I've not considered fitting a supercharger/turbocharger or to use one of these performance chips. Any advice or experience gratefully received.
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