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cheap/easy ways to get a lil more mpg from my civic?

Hey guys, I am new here, and new to economodding. I drive a 94 civic ex coupe with a 1.6l sohc vtec engine with aem cold air intake, holley 4-2-1 header, stock cat, 2.25" catback exhaust and a little suspension work resulting in a 1.5" drop from stock ride height.

I do plan on getting rid of a little weight like my large speaker box and amp, and getting a good alignment plus filling my tires up to almost the max psi on the sidewall. I have always heard a good intake and exhaust setup should yield slightly better mpg as long as you still drive like its a stock civic, not a race car.

But my questions regard the mods I allready have on the car. Intake, what is the best intake design for MPG? A long tube like my AEM cold air intake? A short tube like an AEM short ram intake, or "whale penis" intake? Or an airbox style intake like Mugen or Comptech Icebox? What would be the best exhaust manifold/header for mpg? A stock exhaust manifold? My 4-2-1 header? Or a 4-1 style header? Should I keep my stock cat? Get a highflow cat? Or a testpipe/straight pipe? And what would be the best exhaust size? The stock 1.75" or w/e, a 2" exhaust or my 2.25" exhaust?

I've heard a mild cam can also help as long as you dont drive like its a racecar, is that true?

Ive also heard that lowering the car like I have should help mpg as well. Is this true? What other free or cheap or easy mods can I do to my civic for a little better mpg?

Also, do you guys think getting my ecu chipped and tuned could help with the mpg as well?

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