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Any interest in Vehicle Drag Calculator? (Android App)

I'm doing a project for a comp sci class and am wondering if anyone would be interested in a program for their Android phone (or tablet) that would help calculate the drag coefficient for their vehicle? It would involve inputting the weight of the vehicle and running a couple tests on flat road. The app would check your location for weather (wind and pressure and such) and get your altitude. After running the test a few times (for more statistically significant values) the app would then calculate an approximation for the coefficient of drag for your vehicle based on the tests and weather information gathered earlier. It would be similar in nature to the Aerodynamic & rolling resistance calculator but in a mobile format that collects data for you. All you have to do is hit some buttons and drive around.

This would be a useful app for determining the effect of aerodynamic mods that you've done to your vehicle if you do tests before and after. For instance, I built an aero-shell for my Tacoma similar to the one built by Bondo, and would be interested in quantifying the aerodynamic benefits from putting this shell on.

I have been considering doing a "lite" and "pro" version of the app in which the lite version you would input the vehicle mass, do a weather check (just air pressure), do a (possibly limited) number of "high speed" tests, and get the estimated Cd for your vehicle. The pro version of the app would include the features from the lite version and add "low speed" tests to see the effects of rolling resistance, also take into effect wind, changes in elevation and possibly tire type/pressure for more accurate measurements.

If you have a different phone or have suggestions for changes please leave them in the comments below.

I'm open to questions, comments, suggestions, motivational pictures, et c.

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