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Originally Posted by RobbMeeX View Post
We have the same engine/trans and yet I can't get out of the thirties... 31avg.
What speed do you travel at? I'm driving in almost perfect conditions with very few stops, long drives, and at low speeds. On the highway I have gotten 34ish with my dad driving, but I got 38 on the way back and at 55 I get around 37-40 (instant). I think tire pressure really helps these cars. One thing that I can think of that would result in around 31mpg would be having the over drive button off, or your lockup not engaging (45mph under light load up to about 55 on light throttle). If you don't let off the gas, it might not lockup, my old cutlass ciera did that when on the highway.

It could be possible my car has a "problem" that somehow helps my MPG, but I know the MPG figures are close since I fill up about the same number of times to work, but is $22 cheaper than my Camry (9 gal vs 15).

Yesterday I took out the cardboard from my radiator and noticed something very very odd..... my temp ran HOTTER! Instead of around 202F it would be 204-206F. Intake air temp went up by around 10-15F than before too. I have never heard my fans kick on yet, and idling won't get the temp high enough for the fans. Very strange engine/cooling system.

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