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Originally Posted by ERTW View Post
i have an iphone.

you need to be able to correct to STP or SAE conditions.

I'm sure you'll get class credit for any app, if you want an app that actually works, read SAE#810186. I discovered that the way people "calculate" Cd through coast tests is very flawed. I have this paper, and was preparing to make a thread about it soon.
I'm aware its flawed because at highway speeds drag can account for a wide range of the percent of overall drag experienced by the vehicle and accounting for that is tricky. Thank you for the paper. I'll take a look at it here soon and hopefully can get something figured out.

And could I possibly get access to that SAE paper? If you have a digital copy or something that would help.

And unfortunately I'm on Linux so I can't develop for iPhone just yet.

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