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I'm on Android ( using it now in fact ).
I'm really glad you are making an Android app, since a lot of cool apps are iphone only.

I would buy the Pro version in a flash.

A couple of questions though : would this require an ODB II or newer car to work ( 1996 - current year )

I'm assuming the Cd figure is of coarse going to be a rough guess.
As you know I'm sure, there are a lot of things that affect a coast down tests accuracy that just can't be simulated without real world data.
Wind speed, frontal area, rolling resistance, interference drag ( I think that's what it'd called ) a.k.a. the drag from overtaking vehicles, or vehicles in the lane beside you., barometric pressure, hill grade, and so on.

Of those things I mentioned above, I can see how that you could input an accurate measurement for frontal area, approximate hill grade ( using elevation data from Google maps ) and perhaps even a rough estimate of the barometric pressure in the testing area, but how do you plan to tackle the wind speed problem ?

A huge thank you for doing this !
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