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Originally Posted by Elithion View Post
We are flattered that you chose our BMS, presumably because you felt it was the best one out there, and the one that you wished to reverse engineer; I see from your description of your BMS that you were successful in doing so, as you copied most of the features, technologies and functions of our BMS. Good for you! And thank you for the compliment implied by your choice.
In fact I have not wished to reverse engineer any BMS, not chosen yours. I developed for a customer some month ago a special BMS for the car it develops (I also developed for him the FOC controller I talk about in the Paul and Sabrina topic). But it's a more sophisticated BMS because it uses capacitive balancing. For installation cost he asked me to have one small board by cell, same principle than a lot of other BMS manufacturer. But on this BMS, there are 4 wire between each cell, for the communication daisy chain (there is not a lot of way to do a Tx/Rx daisy chain, not necessary to look how other do that !!), and capacitive balancing needs.

After that I thought it would be a good idea to simplify it in a extreme way for my personal use (I try to convert a gazoline car to electric), and why not propose a low cost high perf BMS based on this principle for DIY EV conversion community, in France and world wide. More generally I want to propose a generic calculator to manage all the EV car, the slave BMS being just a part of the complete system.

During development of my board I talked about my project to some friends some week ago, and one of them told me that it already use this kind of BMS, and it was yours ! He asked if I can be able to repair some broken board, I say yes I can try and this is at this moment I studied your board and saw some flaws I did not have on my own board (from my opinion of - maybe too much !? - perfectionist developer !!). Also, at this moment I seen that your hardware daisy chained principle is even simpler than mine, but I prefer mine anyway because I don't like directly input a signal in a microcontroller, even trough a resistor.
Also, I don't know how your protocol works, and it's better like this, I prefer implement it myself, it's really exciting to try to simplify it in an extreme way keeping high perf and high reliability (as you know the internal clock of this microcontroller can severely deviate in all the -40/+125 range).

Originally Posted by Elithion View Post
Oh, absolutely! I meant it. I am sorry if you may be so jaded that you can't accept a sincere well wish without suspicion. I can prove that I meant it: on our site we take pain to list every BMS out there (again, I can't put a link because this forum will not let me); that is because we wish success to all the BMS companies. We all are doing something good for the world, and we need to work together, not against each other.
Happy to hear this, thus I gladly accept your wish and I thank you very much for that !

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