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the best $100 ever spent - '94 saturn sl1

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hello from greasemonkeywithaSATURN.

hello! I am new to forums in general but anytime I "google" something it seems to lead me to this site so i figured I would join and learn how to use it. about me I am a 26 yo mechanic at a truck dealership so I at least have some wrenching skills and common sence,but lack in spelling so bare with me on that one.. I just retired the best car I ever owned, my 94 saturn sl1, 5 speed, with manuel steering, (37-42mpgs) due to rust issues and picked up a 2002 saturn sl2 1.9 dohc with an automatic, I know I will not pull the awsome fuel numbers my last saturn got but I needed an automatic so my girlfriend could drive it when needed without toasting my clutch.. lol. my goal is to mod my car to get the best fuel economy wile keeping the looks pretty much stock. so far I have only tuned it up and ran 2 tanks of fuel through it and got 34.5mpg on the 2nd tank.. so far i think i am not doing to bad. the future mods i have planned are to remove the A/C, lower the car about 1.5", install the racing disc full moon hubcaps.. pretty much i am just looking for suggestions for mods to keep it looking stock but increse economy.. (I already know that adjusting the loose nut behind the wheel is #1)lol. any help or suggestions on how to better my mpgs and how to best use this site would be great.

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