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CRX boat-tail

The CRX hatch rake is not acceptable,is too "fast",and you'll need to extend the back of the car at least 12-inches (300-mm )to clean it up.Also,the space in between your "new" back end,and the top of the backlight will be dirty.I extended my C-pillars all the way back,and stuck a cantilevered wing spanning out to the rear to re-configure the air there and added a symmetrical airfoil across the span at mid-height between the C-pillar extension,running very close to the glass to stop circulation.As for the bottom upsweep,technically it can have no more than a 2 and 1/2-degree upsweep without flow separation,but if you run straight up and down driveway ramps,you could run into scrubbing ( or worse! ).Darin posted a pic of my CRX on page 7 of the aerodynamics section.I just looked at it and its 10 lines down,entitled"The Phil Knox fleet----------.Like your Photoshop work,good luck with the project.I think your in for some fun at the gas pump.P.S.,a movable bottom diffuser would allow you to configure it for straight highway travel,where ground clearance is less an issue.
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