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Originally Posted by drmiller100 View Post
I can find people to sand and bondo for hours and hours for only 5 bucks an hour.
That can be a really good solution. DIYers can be their own worst enemies, at times, by failing to turn over parts of the project to others.

I generally don't weld stuff together that goes to a customer -- I just don't seem to have the level of skill anymore. Good enough for my own stuff. I find it a little hard to to turn welding over to an artiste, but admire the results.

The POC has a mix -- all the steel done by me, all the aluminum done by an artiste. Occasionally, someone will say "Wow, did you do all the welding?" and I have to fess up: "Yep, all the ones that look like wads of bubble gum. I hired out all the good-looking ones."
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