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I still need to try some proper tests. But the results do seem to be fairly consistent.

This encouraged me to try a similar airdam on my VW Wagon. I tried some before and after testing this morning, with quite different results. I could find no measurable difference with or without the airdam!!! The VW already has quite a low ride height - maybe of the order of 5 or 6 inches - so the dam kept scraping everytime I cornered, or went over a bump...

The little car, in contast, still has 3 or 4 inches clearance below the airdam. The airdam itself is 5 inches deep - so is about 4 inches below the bottom edge of the front bumper/fender.

The biggest variable I have found, in my limited amount of testing of the VW, is transmission temperature! If I do a coast down test when the engine is just at running temp, the time to slow from 50 - 40 might be 21 seconds. After running the car for an hour and getting everything properly warm, the time is then 34 seconds!

I am seriously considering refilling the VW with fully synthetic MTF... The cost might well be worth-while.

(I may do the same for the little automatic, too)

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