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New guy from Southern Indiana

Hi all!

As you can tell from the username, I have an SC300 5-spd. Not exactly the most economical car; but we all do strange things in the name of love! I'm well known to my friends as a slow (I prefer safe and thoughtful) driver, and I'd love to learn how to improve my technique and extend the range of my tank.

I regularly get between 24-25mpg over the course of a tank. With the possibility of a job ~50 miles away, I'll be looking for more ways to improve that. I'd love to hit 30mpg some day soon. It is essentially stock. Being a 3.0L I6 weighing about 3500lbs, she's a little thirsty. At 75mph, it will turn 3k RPM, so I tend to stay in the mid-low 60's on the highway (limit here is 70).

I have another car which is the SC's polar opposite. An '85 Buick Regal T-Type (It's like a Grand National). I recently completed doing an engine swap to a similar turbo V6 as the one that was in it. It's my fun car, and I plan on having a lot more fun with it in the future!

I love to wrench on things and look forward to learning from (and with) you guys! Anyone else in the Indiana/Kentucky/Illinois tri-state area?

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