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Thanks for the warm welcome!
I didn't see your post before posting my reply.

Yeah normal automotive batteries aren't meant to be discharged, they're mostly just meant for instantaneous power. That's why I was considering the golf cart batteries.

Yeah I have been looking in to lithium. The problem I've had is that lithium batteries tend to be pricy and seem to require a BMS. I've found some that seemed promising at first but after reading some reviews most people said they were a scam. They were ultrafire 18650 cells on Ebay. Good lithium cells are supposed to exceed 2000 charge cycles though, which would be awesome and it seems like they'd eventually pay for themselves, I just don't know what type to get. If you have any recommendations please let me know.

Yeah setting up multiple motors is going to over-complicate things as first. If you have an idea as to where to get a good sized motor I'd be happy to check it out. I think I want to get the instrumentation, battery pack, and single motor in first before I play with aero-mods and eventually multiple motors. Those are far on down the line though. If I could get a basic setup going that would be huge progress. I'd like to avoid making it too difficult that I have to postpone it.

That's an interesting story on the electric lawnmower. It does get very hot here in Mississippi, in the summer days can average over 100 so a cooling system would definitely be beneficial.

I'll make sure to look up the open source controller. It would be really cool to build it myself as long as I have the capability to do so.
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