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Thanks again TOC,

I will give the result as soon as possible TOC. By the way, i still do not know why in MMCd source code using the function below to get the value. Have a look at the source code:

// Engine speed, 0..8000 rpm
// 31.25 * x
Int16 f_ERPM(UInt8 d, Char *s) {
	Int32 v = 2048000L * d;
	return StrPrintF(s, "%ldrpm", v >> 16);
Where does the value 2048000L is coming. If I'm not wrong the 'L" is use for formatting the data value

Arduino IntegerConstants

U & L formatters

By default, an integer constant is treated as an int with the attendant limitations in values. To specify an integer constant with another data type, follow it with:

a 'u' or 'U' to force the constant into an unsigned data format. Example: 33u
a 'l' or 'L' to force the constant into a long data format. Example: 100000L
a 'ul' or 'UL' to force the constant into an unsigned long constant. Example: 32767u
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