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I'd completely forget aeromods for now and work with what you got to get it running.

You say you would like 25-30 miles of range. I'm going to tell you that is going to be really hard to do with lead batteries. You've been calculating your power draw at cruising speed. Unfortunately, thats not a very realistic way of measuring power usage. If you look at the other Yugo's page, it says he is using 440Wh/mile. I'd use this, or even 500 Wh/mile (which is what I used for calculating range on a possible conversion I was thinking about) to add some safety buffer. This means for you to go 30 miles, you're going to need 15 kWh of usable battery capacity. With lead acid, to keep DOD to 50% this means you'll need a 30 kWh pack. 30kWh of lead is going to be incredibly heavy. With lithium @ 70% DOD you'd need 21.5 kWh. With lithium @ 80% DOD you would need 18.8 kWh.

I also think you should consider something higher than 72V, especially if you're talking about going 45 mph. I've driven in a 72V EV before and getting to 45 mph is going to take quite a while, and pull a lot of amps out of the batteries. More amps means larger wires which costs more. More amps also means more losses to the peukert effect which means you get less capacity from your batteries (which means even more batteries). If you doubled your voltage to 144V, you would only have to pull half the amps to accelerate just as fast. This is easier on your batteries (lower C ratings) and allows thinner cable to be used.
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