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500 watt hours per mile is in the same range as a pickup truck uses, so while your car is pretty brick shaped I don't see that poor of range, but do you have any idea what kind of gas mileage it got as a gasoline car?
Most EV's that are based off small cars get around 300 watt hours per mile, but I do agree that sizing the battery bank size and the voltage as if you are going to need more is always a good idea.
I have driven a 48v electric car that could go 45mph but it drew over 600 amps and on a flat road took a while, 96v would be about as low of voltage as I would bother going with and the smallest, highest voltage lead acid traction batteries that I've seen that I would trust in an EV are 8v golf cart batteries, they tend to be the same size as the 6v golf cart battery that are also a good, common choice.
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