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Originally Posted by yugomodder View Post
I'll make sure to build the system to the max voltage the motor can take, if it's still too weak I'll rewire the batteries to the voltage of the new motor.

I'll try to find the specs on the golf cart motor to see what voltage it is. If it's less than 72 volts should I just abandon it and look for something that can take a higher voltage?
The higher the voltage the faster you will go, and some speed controllers can be programmed to limit the voltage to the motor as well, so you can take a 144v battery pack and have your speed controller limited to only give the motor 48v or 72v or whatever you want to set it at, or you can just tell your self not to go over say 45mph because at 45mph the speed controller will be limiting the voltage to the motor, the only time that the motor would ever see full pack voltage would be at full throttle.
I bought a new set of motor brushes for my motors and I was told by the engineer who designed them that they should be good for 160v in my 36v and 48v motor, I've also been told that my 36v golf cart motor should be fine running at 72v but that much higher then that and I should install this new set of brushes.
Any chance of taking some photos of your current setup? if your motor to transmission adapter is solid and well built you should have a handful of motor upgrade options too, depending on the motor that was used because there are only a few bolt patterns and shaft sizes that have been used for golf carts and there are two that are extremely common with a wide range of aftermarket motors that bolt right on.

My current battery gauge is a PakTrakr, the only people that I've talked to who don't like them seem to think that they should also act as a BMS instead of a battery gauge, but with the amp meter pick up it can give you amps and watts, along with pack voltage, state of charge, voltage of each battery and a whole pile of other info.
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