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Newbie from London - Honda Civic ek3 saloon D15Z6 with eco light

Hi All,

Have been a lurker for a few years & felt it was time to register.

Been a Honda enthusiast for the last 8 years & have had the pleasure in owning the following Civic's

1.4 hatchback (EJ9) D14A4 (89bhp) 41.5 mpg

1.6 VTI coupe AKA S.I (EM1) B16A2 160BHP 30.4 mpg

Current eco mobile
1.5i LSI Vtec saloon (EK3) (115BHP) 43.5 mpg combined (51.4 mpg motorways)

I love my the lean burn D15Z6 compared to the other two cars
as its the best of both worlds. With such a long gear ratio & 3K RPM VTEC enguagement you get almost B16A2 like acceleration up to a certain speed & good fuel economy when you want.

Best full tank : Roughly 420 Miles (London to Newcastle & halfway back)

Gonna read up on a grill block & tyre pressures & would love to hear from any other lean burn eco modders. Will post a build up / progress thread in the main section.

ECO mods so far :

Goodyear ECO contact tyres - inflated 33 PSI front, 32 PSI rear but it I see that many go the maxim PSI ?

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