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They are collectors items - but are only worth anything if in mint condition.

I reckon I'd be lucky to get UKú600 for mine.

But as a 'keeper' and a daily driver, it could (if I had the time) be a nice project car.

The original 4 cylinder 1.8L engine is so heavy, the Buick V8 fitted to some late cars actually weighs less!

So a modern fuel injected 4 cycl engine, with a five speed gear box, coupled with getting rid of the hugely heavy steel-reinforced rubber bumpers (added for the US market requirements in the 80's, would see it become a fairly practical and efficient car, which still looks very nice, and has modern performance.

I suppose a VAG TDI diesel (even if you could get it to mate with a suitable g/box) might be a step too far - Although it would go like stink and still have excellent economy!

Adding a correx/corroplast kammback would be beyond sacriledge...
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