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Hey, that actually makes sense--technical & logical--I'm actually impressed!

1) less "shrouding" of the arc = better ignition probability
2) smaller electrodes--both anode & ground = less heat loss material
3) wider gap = higher probability of ignition
4) smaller electrodes = easier arc creation (closer to 'needle-point')

...wonder how much ignition "retard" actually occurs (red lines closer to TDC)?

...I wouldn't "endorse" them without seeing actual test data, but from that video, I now actually think they MIGHT actually work!?!

NB: I taught electronic ignition systems for 8-years at Arizona West College, Yuma, AZ, and did a LOT of lab/field testing of sparkplugs during those years with help from Bosch, Champion, Autolite and Delco (samples, SAE papers, technical Q&A, etc.).

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