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01 Dodge 3500 4x4 dually challange!

The challenge... use any and all eco mods and reasonable driving mods to enable one to still commute 120 mile RT. No the house will not move... the job might sometime, but hopefully not. One always has the option to park it... but I didn't buy it leave it parked... I enjoy the truck. I get 18 mpg with in now running 65, 17 at 70... not sure at 60. 18 for a 7000 lb truck is actually pretty good. But not at $5 a gallon coming up. we're on and electric coop... so rate isn't too bad... yet anyway. I'd like to make net yield equiv to 30 mpg.

The truck: 01 Dodge 3500 extended cab 4x4 dually, full 8 ft bed.
- HO Cummins 5.9 6 speed manual...
- Need to check... but I believe the 4x4 transfer case has a full neutral gate... where all the drive line is totally disconnected from the transmission and engine. Axle Ratios remain unchanged... they are fairly high anyway. Cant really stay in 6th under 50 mph. 1200 rpm... not good to lug any 4 cycle and especially 2 cycle deisels below 1300 or so.
- Truck still needs to pull as designed when cummins stays intact... may isolate the PS and PB systems.. so it doesn't need to be running, but the base unit stays... Other systems tie in.
- Several ideas on tie in... front axle drive shaft... let the front axle pull...
- will have bed cover... roll up, still need to access the gooseneck ball when needed for it's true design.
- may go single tire rear and switch beds... My '94 bed is fine... only needs paint to use and was always toppered, non cancered, should fit the 01 frame... if not we'll make it fit if we go this way.
-hydraulic boost...??? Interesting concept.
-electric...??? multiple motors... multiple battery banks for range... no reason the rear axle cant haul 2000 lbs easy... wouldn't even be on the overloads yet.... I'd design them on a slide in and removable....
-clean up the air flow although its not real bad on the front end shape... not sure a front deflection dam will help due to height... but why not clean up the air flowing under it? If keep the dully... could build in some deflectors in-front of them... truck actually rolls quite easily

So start thinking non-small and out of the box.... looking for deign parameters on DC electric and charging... adoption of multiples from existing used forklifts etc... mine equipment?

hydraulic regen.... how is that incorporated?

freon option? (see F150 thread)...

details on dual bank switchable bat banks?

As you can see... she's a damn nice truck.... but I didn't buy it to look at...I bought it to drive it!

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