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Originally Posted by beatr911 View Post
Glad you're considering dropping the dually and swapping out the bed.

How soon do you expect the changes to pay for themselves in fuel cost saved? Please state in miles traveled.
I'll likely have this truck and its capacity for the rest of my life. I own it outright. I'll need its capacities now and then...which is part of why I bought it. I'm just trying to figure out a way to drive it more than three times a year with the way they are jerking us all around on fuel costs. In 2009, it was to replace my gas powered 3/4 ton... and fuel was under three dollars if I remember. Now they are talking 5 or 6. But it seems the 3/4 won't quit running... so I've been only running the one ton in the non salt months. I do like driving them, always have.

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