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Originally Posted by beatr911 View Post
Have you started to decide which of the ideas you or others suggested you would like to try first?
Right now I'm in the middle of a major remodel on the house... so its research only at this point... no new projects until the house is done (if I want to stay married that is... and I do).

Current thoughts,

1st will be cleaning up some aero... especially on the deer catcher. It needs to stay... well proven for around here. But... needs some aero treatments. (I've also have had an aviation interest all my life... this will not be hard.

2nd will be cleaning up drag under it. Thinking some kind of poly sheeting 3/32" or may 1/8" and lining the whole underside front to rear.

3rd will be some how reducing what the dully catches... fenders over them are fairly streamlined already... this may involve building up some custom layup on fiberglass...

After this... the battery slide in in under an aero cap that's part of it... the motor will drive the front axle... but I have find a pass though DC motor that does not use perm magnets... have to neutralize the mag fields, if the cummins is using 4x4 for very long. See I envision the DC motor will be incorporated into a custom front drive shaft assembly... but still needs to transfer regular torque from the transfer case when the cummins is doing 4x4. It might need 4x4 to pull the 8500 lb sail boat up the ramp when pulling it, this needs to be 4 wheel low range as designed.

Might have to custom design the motor (1st job after HS was in an electric motor rewinding shop... yea I can design this up too). Also along this line and the DC battery system... I have an ace in the hole... a 48 year verteran master electrician as an Uncle whose initial training was for the WWII submarines. We've talked about it...

Haven't figured out the drag on the rear pinion... that will be substantial in e mode. But if I can rebuild the rear axle to incorporate a disconnect like the front system it would be significantly reduced. But that my be a challenge... though not impossible.

Think "transformer" (as in the toys) mode, or James Bond.

later...and thanks

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