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Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
Very cool. Great start! I wonder if a manually adjustable/variable grille block is still possible?
Originally Posted by sheepdog 44 View Post
All you'd need for adjustable grille block is some servos and a hinging mechanism. It could open and close like shutter blinds, or like a rolling door.
The grille is set into the radiator air inlet opening 4 or 5 inches. I think adding a blocking mechanism that far behind the opening would cause an air "bubble" that would cause more harm than good. Also, tying the mechanism into the fan computer would be tricky at this time. The new truck will have a flush grille block tied into the engine and fan ECM's.

Originally Posted by sgtlethargic View Post
Have video cameras been used for mirrors before? It seems that might take some getting used to.
We have standard definition video cameras mounted on the side of the front fenders under the word AirFlow. They are used as spotter devices only to detect vehicles in the blind spots. Currently, big rigs are not allowed to use cameras in lieu of mirrors. We plan on petitioning the FMCSA to allow us to use high definition cameras in liew of mirrors on the next truck. Stay tuned.

Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
So how were your neighbors with the Jake full-on down the hill into the neighborhood, rappin' them free-flowin' 10" no-muffler stacks at 0230? .
I would not use a Jake Brake in a suburban area, and I hate the idiots who do that. And I also hate the idiots who run without mufflers.

Here are a few pics of the completed tractor trailer unit I took at my shop the other day. It is really screaming-out for the cab to trailer gap sealer and the boat-tail. But I have to head to MATS in Louisville at the end of the week.
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