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I would not use a Jake Brake in a suburban area, and I hate the idiots who do that. And I also hate the idiots who run without mufflers.

Think we need to bring you down to Texas a while . . . as the comment made was with a heightened brow and in re-adjusting the toothpick after a lunch at Dairy Queen. You don't strike any of us as the guy who'd let a little fun get in the way. I'da thought, 0230 would have been the giveaway.

I've Puritans in my background (the genuine article) and, believe me, they didn't celebrate non-Christian holidays like Christmas [until about 1925 or so]. One is free to be free of purity.

I sure like the pics. And the ideas being shared. So there's nothing less than anything serious in my compliments, and in my thanks, for your having chosen to share it online here.

I've got a big pot of chili on today. Made from scratch. Nothing like what ya'll may think it is. Come on over. . I'll know a Detroit from a Cummins from a Cat by the rap as you round the corner.
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