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At this time its conceptual... because I've always seem to come up with ideas, and have built many of my ideas. Payback will be a BIG question... not to mention the work involved. But I bought it 2 years ago to drive as primary (and was attacked for that)... but that may not happen due to contrived and controlled screwing on fuel costs. I've already said my opinion on that... and it pisses me no end to have 16k tied up in this truck that they will render practically unusable at 5 or 6 dollars a gallon. I bought it also to be able to haul the 6500 lb 27 sailboat (with trailer is ~8500-9000 (never weighted it) to the great lakes and other larger lakes for mini vacations. Here I set up so the boat lives at home... as these kind of toys can have 0 fixed costs when unemployed, i.e marina fees etc... so they have to live at home and eat only when I let them eat. Don't worry every one... it was an $800.00 yes $800 I bought on ebay and hauled home from Green Bay, WI. Oh, I'm repowering it non standard non conventional too using a 65 hp Industrial Duetz... 4 times the hp for cruise (so it'll be just off idle for that)... but I like good brakes which the 13 hp outboard on 6500 lbs IS NOT! Guess we won't mention to them the 30 year old 27 ft 10ft beam Sport fisherman with a fresh 454 full inboard I ALMOST a few years ago bought for the value of the trailer under it... yes, needed a few things like stringers and a new floor which I could have done in a heartbeat... but even then at 3.25 a gallon then (now 5.50 for marine gas) it would have cost a 1.75 per minute (now about $2.25 per min) to operate at cruise on the great lakes... more (double) by the time I warmed up that 454 to 572 and a 1000 more rpm because 50 knots on BIG water is FUN! But I walked away and decided to do sail as I enjoy the relaxing effect of it too. Now even that's a problem as it has to be towed to the water... or limit the waters and pay marina fees.

Now I'm going to have to start commuting with my wife's 94 concord on days she's not using it, but with 160k on it now and not being a 300k car to start with... it won't last long. So because of the fuel companies I have to revamp everything...AGAIN!

Maybe I'll get a small 4 banger convertible sports car... but they get three prices for these too... at least then when it kills me because of some idiot I went out in style. I have a mint 85 Suzuki 700 Madura... but its dry warm days only and I am only a 2 wheel a little spooked rookie yet. A dog or a deer (which are everywhere here) will kill you, not to mention idiots that don't look. Something to be said for weighing 7k. I've had heavy metal for so long... just the lightness of the suspension and brake systems in these itty bitty cars make me nervous... there is just is nothing there... itty bitty everything! One run into the ditch and out to avoid some idiot...will kill it.

Will see if I go to single tire. For towing fifthwheel or gooseneck the dually is better depending on the tongue load.I like the dually, but running empty it has too little wt per square inch of contact area on wet pavement... my single tire (with the topper though) never has that issue. I've had the 1 ton break out twice on wet curves that I've driven the same with the 3/4 for years.

This "tranformer" idea is conceptual... and depends on locating cost effective solutions. I did rewinding and know people in that industry too yet. Yes, I CAN mill an armature, do the math, buy the comutator, build the windings, and build a custom motor/pass through front drive shaft that would set in between the transfer case and the front diff. Oh, I forgot, I'm not really supposed to have the machine tools according to green thought, as I had to haul them from Rochester NY (19500 lbs combined gross with the 3/4 ton and my 12000 lb cap tandem axle flatbed trailer). These antique units were free and I rescued them from going the scrap yard. (1920 and 1935, but work perfectly). Then there is the drag from the rear ring and pinion to address too which could be done by switching it to a used front axle with the axle disconnect system... but its not as strong and would limit its capacity. Building in a new axle system into the existing carrier would be hard as while I can mill it, I can't harden it proper.

I'll clean up its drag... and try 60 mph... but I expect the mileage difference will not be significant. I've been babying the 3/4 all week... doing various hypermile things... 62 on a four lane with zero traffic!!!(aghh!!!), 1/2 mile to accel to 60 (Geeez!)... letting it pull down to 35 on the hills (dbl geez!)... but it looks like all I'll gain is 30 miles on the tank full (about 28 gal on typical fill up), that $8 worth... not sure its worth it the aggravation factor. Gonna have to punch it once just to hear what its supposed to sound like again and regain my sanity! Might be more on the cummins, but on the v8 auto... its not significant.

Thanks for your comments... I appreciate the real ones.

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