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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Any scraping issues with that big long low nose?
Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Here in the Denton area you'd never be able to make a delivery without shredding the nose off the tractor.
Between the crown for runoff during torrential downpours,gutters,and driveway ramps,vehicles already designed with SAE specifications for approach,brake-over,and departure angles are being torn to pieces attempting to enter or leave delivery areas.
I'd hate to see that beautiful snout do a ground strike!
The low clearance and front overhang is definitely a concern. This vehicle will be used to document the aerodynamic concepts. I just have to be careful with that clearance. But I have owned Corvettes where one has to go up and down ramps and inclines at a 45 degree angle, so as to not scrape in front. You definitely could not give the keys of this truck to an average or below average driver, and expect him or her to not bust it up. In a perfect world, with a lot of cash and a little engineering, the whole front end would be ground effect dynamic. High when slow, and low when at highway speed. The guys with the real expensive motor homes have a lot of low overhang. Of course, if they can afford one of those, they have the cash on hand to repair any accidents.

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