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Update ...

Update on Almera ....

At week end I took off the air intake hose off the car to check if there is any vacuum leak. I cleaned it and checked there was no leak but when I was taking it off I noticed the screws on both end were loose like some one left them open. They were going around without a need of screw driver so when I put air intake hose back on I titght them properley. Soon I started the car I could see the clear difference in accelration before and after. It had alot moor power when driving around, I thought the problem is fixed... but not completly. Car is still giving poor fuel consumption. I was geeting 25 mile out of 10 petrol and now its doing 36 for 10 petrol converting it to MPG using online tool it showed that its now doing 22.3 MPG and the acual figure for this car are around 35 MPG when driving local. That mean its still using rich mixture and there will be moor power when mixture is right. Please advise me from here onwards what should I look into. I am happy with this power but not the consumption. I think it shoud do atleast 100 mile for 20 petrol.
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