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Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
I know what you mean!

I bought my Protege because it was cheaper than a Civic or a Corolla of the same year/mileage/condition.
Only after I bought it I realized it's rated at 22/28mpg (2.0L 130hp, 5 speed manual) compared to 28/36 for the Corolla (1.8L 130hp, 5M), 27/35 for the Civic (1.7L 115hp, 5M)... I was so disappointed!

At least I learned a valuable lesson: do A LOT of research BEFORE you buy!!
That's because Mazda builds "zoom zoom" cars and the Corolla and Civic have lost almost all sporting intent. People buy Mazdas to have fun!

The PT Koozah on the other hand was just like the New Beetle. It was made first as a fashion icon and second as a functional car. it looks great, but it wasn't thought all the way through. I imagine with an SRT4 drivetrain they could be pretty fun sleepers though!
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