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I would check ebay regularly. Try doing vague searches. Every now and then you find a good DC heavy forklift motor in a strange category. Like if you type "dc motor", it will put up around 30,000 results, but then narrow it down by going to surplus or motors, or something like that, and then just go one at a time. I found 2 DC motors that way, and an AC motor suitable for a car for like $90 including shipping.

Then for a controller, you can do a super easy version if you find some igbts on ebay. Also, I would get an ev200 contactor from ebay. They are around $70 new. Then get a fuse on ebay. I like ebay. Then you need a throttle pot or a hall effect throttle. The hard part is mating the stupid motor to the friggen transmission, but you can pretty much bootleg that, or pay someone to do something. Then you can get a pile of crap batteries for like $10 each if you search around for awhile, and that will at least let you get a few miles of range while you test everything out. Then you can start the official saving for fancy pants batteries.

I wouldn't really bother with any of this though, since gas just keeps getting cheaper, and the middle east is on the verge of peace, and the earth just keeps getting cleaner. hahaha.

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