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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I wouldn't really bother with any of this though, since gas just keeps getting cheaper, and the middle east is on the verge of peace, and the earth just keeps getting cleaner. hahaha.
And here I thought gas would only continue to go up in price seeing as its a limited resource and all and the middle east hates our guts... Maybe I don't need to spend all this time and frustration converting a car. Thanks for talking me out of it and helping me to see the light MPaul! :P

Ideally I'd like to find a cheap forklift motor as that seems to have been good enough for several builds that I've seen. But on the other hand I've also seen a great many builds that bought the fancy 4001 DC motor. Since I'd like to do this whole project as inexpensively as possible the forklift motor is what I'll be concentrating on finding and lead acid batteries for the battery pack. If I can prove to myself and my wife that I'm able to do this maybe for the next project I'll get to do something sexier with the fancy pants batteries with maybe a convertible top... one can dream right? But anyways, off to search for forklift motors.

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