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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Oh it could be pretty much any pin you want to use. I think Damien's used pin b4 or b5, but I forgot. It would take like 10 seconds to find and replace the pin in the code, so it's no big deal.
Which firmware has tachometer input support? I didn't realise that it had been added.

When we added tachometer code I tried several approaches. I found that using an input capture pin was easiest. The hardware input filter is significant plus when you consider what would otherwise need to be done to work around a slightly noisy input. Requiring a specific type of pin isn't as flexible, but it's worth the limitation.

BTW, the add-on OBD2/CAN reporting code is available from Google Code. It requires a MCP2515 board added to the SPI/programming header. I haven't updated it recently, but it should still link into the Cougar code with a single line change.
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