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Porsche 911 engine swap - ideas?

Seeking the wisdom of fellow modders on this one.

So for the project Porsche I'm turning away from the idea of an old school 300 hp carbed, cammed, dual plug 3.6L and thinking of going for high MPG. When complete, the curb weight should be arount 2100 lbs, so about like a Metro. It is a rear engine configuration with the transaxle in front of the longitudinally mounted engine. Assume coolant plumbing will not be an issue.

I'd like to use a very efficient engine like a Honda d15z1 but I believe they rotate in the opposite direction as everything else in the world, hence 5 reverse gears.

So far the ideas I have are:
Metro 1.0 3cyl - been done, like the cheapness, not the power.
Subaru - Like the low c.g. of the engine. Not sure which ones to consider.
Porsche Boxter 2.5 - Not sure how complicated this will be, smaller more efficient 6cyl than stock but still kind of expensive with ECU/etc. Keeps the fun factor high.

Any ideas for the engine to use for this?

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