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Originally Posted by mikehallbackhoe View Post
I have an 84 crx hf. but I think most cars , in general , would benefit from a sloped grill block. if you just put a grill block on most grills, it is going to be straight up and down, which can't be good for aerodynamics.
Honda did a pretty good job of grille-blocking on the production CRX.
If your's is non-AC you will already have an internal full-block panel that closes the hole where the condenser would reside.
Some of the grille has 'dummy' sections.
I fabricated a complete fiberglass nose with integral Walter Korff pinched inlet duct.I can't tell you that it showed that strong at the pump.It hardly showed near 100 mph at Bonneville.
I would recommend rocker panel extensions to get the sides even with the tires.
The front wheel wells are bigger than need be.Some of this can be closed off at the top without interference with the tires.
Rear wheel skirts can be cast directly on the car with a proper release in place.
Leave the mirror(s) alone.They are plenty fine as is and Bonneville proven.
The underside needs a cleanup with sections of belly pan and diffuser.
The big savings are at the back with some boat tail.One foot of length will get you into 60 mpg territory at 55 mph with the other cleanups.
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