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Originally Posted by JJW View Post
What year Porsche? What is your final intent with it (ultimate MPG, or economy/sport mix?) What are your design paremeters (driving for fun, commuting to work, how far will a round trip need to be, how long between refueling, temperatures, weather conditions, number of passengers, city/highway driving, cargo capacity, etc.) Would you consider an electric or diesel powerplant? Hybrid?
1978. Mostly commuting really I'd like to get back to autocrossing if future life gets less hectic - not all that likely. 30 miles one way on the freeway, temp range from 20*F to 95*F. Electric won't cut it - yet. Just can't get enough range at speed.

Diesel might be a possibility, good thought, have to look into a TDI. Hmmm.

Yeah it would probably devalue the car, but it's really not worth all that much right now anyway - needs work (and an engine). Done right it would be "easily" reversible back to more Porsche correct.
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