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Hello everyone! My name is Donovan Gibson and I just wanted to throw my two cents in here about my time converting a 1994 Geo Metro. I am 18 and undertook this project a year and a half ago with my father. I started out with a $400 refurbished Baker Electric forklift motor from ebay and a $500 donor car. The batteries are some fairly crappy large car batteries, 12 for the drive system and a thirteenth for the car electronics. The vehicle has a 15 mile range at 60MPH and a top speed of 65 MPH. I use this for my daily commute to school and back, although since the school is 12 miles away I have to let it charge during my classes. The amp draw is 55 amps at 60 MPH and 60 amps at 65 MPH with 145 volts. There have been no modifications to the exterior of the car. Without passengers the car weighs in at 2140 Lbs. To go 50 miles a lithium pack would be ideal.

Just my two cents!

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